About Us


Founded in 2002, Aykar is a consultancy service that brings together the resources of domestic and foreign investors in the most profitable manner with the right investments. It serves as a solution partner and stakeholder in the areas of finding, evaluating, developing and implementing financing in line with the needs of investors especially in the Tourism, Real Estate and Energy sectors.

Providing consultancy services for domestic and foreign tourism and real estate investments, Aykar consists of a team with international expertise in the provision of hotels, facilities and other construction lands, feasibility study and valuation, corporate configuration, legal process monitoring, project finance, hotel management and other tourism services.

Our company continues its activities in the energy sector such as electricity generation and distribution, solar power plant investments, feasibility studies for power plant investments, licensing, purchasing and commissioning of power plants.

In addition, investment incentives, development grants, techno investment grants, Kosgeb entrepreneurship supports, renewable energy grants, health tourism incentives, mining investment incentives, agriculture and animal husbandry incentives, TUBITAK supports and European Union funds to support their investments such as loans and grants with expert consultants offers short and long term solutions to investors.